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We invite you to view our SkyCabs ESGART system, a breakthrough in passenger transport design. Elevated Small Group Automated Rapid Transport (ESGART)

Patents granted in New Zealand, Australia, USA and Singapore. Other countries proceeding.

SkyCabs Aim
To provide an attractive transport solution that is economically viable, complementary to roads and environmentally compatible.

Lower Costs

  • Less land required
  • Faster to build
  • Low Capital Cost
  • Low Operating Cost

Superior Passenger Service

  • Available 24/7, no timetables needed
  • Half the journey time in peak hours
  • 1-4 minutes waiting
  • Low Fares for Passengers

Environmentally Benign

  • No CO2 or particulate emissions
  • Whisper quiet
  • Less land disruption

Reduces Congestion

Revenue Generating Potential

  • For the designer, SkyCabs International Ltd
  • For the Construction Consortium
  • For the Owner/Operator

Auckland's draft 30 Year Transport Strategy - 'The ARC Draft 2009 30 Year Transport Strategy – A useless, costly future for Auckland.
An Alternative Transport Strategy to solve Auckland’s problems and make Aucklanders wealthy.'

Click here to download the document in PDF format

1 Comment on the ARC's Draft 30 year Transport Strategy

2 An Alternative Transport Strategy to dramatically reduce congestion and to save Auckland the $2 billion cost of congestion each year.


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